Evocative dining and take away experience with attractive, appealing and amazing vines and culinary extravagance situated in the core of Chandigarh that is Mohali. Begun in 2021, we shine a different light on the old style and a magnificent dining experience, flavours ranging from Indian to Chinese Cuisines. Indian food is a characteristic piece of the dining routine in the business sectors in which ‘The Grand Kitchen’ operates. We keep on offering new menu choices, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian lovers, largely dependent on Indian cuisine and utilize occasional customer preferences to present new dishes. So come on over for a phenomenal adventure and let your taste buds travel with our flavourful dishes and mocktails.

Our Speciality

The Grand Kitchen’s Specialty is its wholesome and awesome dishes. Our interiors have been designed with utmost care and keeping in the mind the customer’s comfort. Our chefs are obliged to serve you the most mouthwatering Indian and Chinese dishes. We never compromise on quality, whereas we are also affordable. We believe that everyone has the right to be served great food, irrespective of money. We want to emerge as the most preferred choice for Indian and Chinese Food Lovers. And we also eye the position to be rated as the Number One Restaurant for our customers in the lovely state of Chandigarh.


Our mission is to impress, delight and nourish our customers with healthy and delicious food and excellent service at a reasonable price. We understand our customers’ ever-changing wants and needs and constantly improve our customer experience by soaking those hard reviews. We also keep in mind that we enhance our employee’s excellence, continuous development and happiness


Our Vision is to serve happiness to our customers through our delicious and tasteful meals and extraordinary restaurant experience while simultaneously working towards the greater good for our employees, community and environment.

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